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April 8, 2010

Have you ever noticed the fact, that when you come up with a quote of some sort, others around you will follow and come up with something of their own? Eventually turning a chat/discussion into a race about who has the most striking quote, be it a funny, serious or personal one. Well, this made me start this blog. That and the fact that a quote is a curious phenomenon. It can involve so many things and can be interpreted in so many ways, that when used by the right person on the right moment it can be a serious tool to convince, inspire, calm and even taunt someone. To me this makes quotes very, very interesting, hence the blog.

Now I am aware of the fact, that there are perhaps thousands of quote-sites, that provide you with all kinds of quotes on a daily basis. Yet, it’s mostly just a “quote of the day” with little or no explanation, let alone a personal touch. That is the third reason I felt like starting a blog, namely to use quotes to express my state of mind, and on a larger scale the state of the world (one has got to have ambition, right?). So the idea is as following; I am going to pick a quote, that somehow involves the events of the day, be it a personal or global event. The event can involve anything, from politics to crime, from something that makes sense to something that doesn’t make sense at all. For this I am going to use quotes of famous world leaders to neighborhood youth and from song lyrics to fictional characters, pretty much everything, as long as it involves the particular event. Finally, where possible I am going to find or make something to visualize the writing.

I do hope, that eventually people will follow this blog and add suggestions/quotes of their own for the events that will occur. I also have other plans for this blog, but I’ll talk about those in due time. For now, this sums up the general idea behind this blog, please feel free to contact me, to make suggestions and comment where possible.




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  1. ingmarz permalink

    Well, good luck with it! Anxiously waiting for the first quote.

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