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A Rough Road Leads To…..NASA!!!

April 9, 2010

“Ad Astra Per Aspera”

“A Rough Road Leads To The Stars”

As written at a plaque at launch complex 34, in remembrance of the Apollo 1 Astronauts.

I just read that a Dutch Astronomer got a very prestigious fellowship at NASA’s Space Telescope Science Institute. In my opinion the above quote is very striking, considering everything she has accomplished (CV) in the recent past. For everyone who is interested, this Dutch Astronomy site talks about her fellowship and the research she will be doing at NASA. I am pretty excited about this, since I am big fan of the research NASA does, so I am sure I am going to follow her progress and perhaps give an update or two about her research at this blog. And finally, I want to congratulate her on this very promising achievement.

Now as for the quote, this can be found at launch complex 34 of Cape Canaveral. Apollo 1 was the planned first piloted mission of the Apollo program, yet Apollo 1 never flew, due to a fatal fire during a test run of the command module. All three of the crew members were killed.

All that remains of Launch Complex 34.

The above picture shows all that remains of Launch Complex 34, including the dedication plaque, with the names of the crew and the words “Ad Astra Per Aspera”. Again for those interested, below I linked a couple of sites about Apollo 1, NASA’s Space Telescope Science Institute and Selma de Mink.

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One Comment
  1. ingmarz permalink

    Great development indeed. Although I find research in space a funny thing too since we know maybe just less then half the things that are going on here on earth. Just look at the recent research that is being done at the bottom of the ocean… Where no man has gone before!!!
    Anyway, also pretty excited about this 🙂

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