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Bricks of Nostalgia.

April 13, 2010

A box full with Lego

So yea, today I was cleaning our shack-that-serves-as-an-attic and I stumbled across a couple of boxes full with Lego and with it came a burst of nostalgia. I mean, I can’t even begin to guess of how many hours I’ve played with Lego. Building cities, airports, medieval castles with dragons and my favorite scene; a Space shuttle launch complex, sadly enough I couldn’t find a photo or something of it. But the pleasure of building it, playing with it, eventually getting bored and trying to tweak the whole thing you’ve build, hell it brings tears of joy to my eyes at this very moment!

But tears of joy don’t last forever, god how I remember those moments where pieces seem to live a life of their own…You knew that when you were finished playing and threw everything in a big bad box of doom, you’d go bananas looking for certain pieces again, yet you just threw it in anyway. I remember on one occasion I just broke a thin piece in half, just so it would fit on the thing I was building, and I mean, I am the kind of guy who is overly protective of his stuff. Still, I cherish those days of old and perhaps I should consider organizing a night filled with friends, beer and Lego…

Now I couldn’t find a quote about Lego, so I went for a (de)motivational about the situation we all know so well. And to wrap this up, a couple of months back I was in a toy shop, where I just had to buy these three sets of Lego, I blame nostalgia (again).3 pieces of Lego

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